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Thank you for your interest in reviewing for Manic Readers!

Reviewing books is a rewarding experience and for people who love to read, it can be both a money saver and NOW a money maker. Manic Readers has been revamped to allow reviewers to receive paid compensation for completing book reviews for us. Authors pay for a review bundle and upload their book or books. Reviewers choose a book they wish to review and check it out. Reviewers have 3 weeks to return the review to Manic Readers.

Our reviewers are paid on a monthly basis for reviews completed in the previous month.

If you are interested in reviewing for Manic Readers, read the following important information and send us an email with the requested information.

Important Information
  1. Reviewers should possess excellent writing skills to summarize books and write an interesting, insightful opinion section.
  2. Reviewers must agree not to select books for review if they have a personal relationship with the author or publisher.
  3. All reviews must be written in a professional manner and snarky reviews are not accepted.
  4. Authors will be given the review of their book to use in public forums such as their website, their social media account, etc. Reviewers should be aware that whatever name they review under will be visible on these accounts.
  5. Because reviewers are paid, you will be required to fill out a W9 form.
  6. There is no minimum or maximum number of reviews a reviewer can do in a year.

Requested Information

Please send us an email with the following information:
  1. Do you currently review for other review companies/websites? If so, please list them.
  2. Please send us a sample review from a book you have recently read. The sample review should have two sections: a synopsis of the book, and your opinion of the book. Review lengths are between 150 and 500 words.
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